95% of first time home buyers need a mortgage. Choose your Lender wisely.

March 10, 2014

The vast majority of first time home buyers need to obtain a mortgage in order to buy a home. While we realize that much research is done online these days, in just about every purchase, it is very important to work with a local lender rather than an online mortgage entity.  States have different mortgage guidelines, just as states have different real estate laws. In such a complex and important situation as buying your first home, make sure you select the right real estate broker and lender.  One who knows the state specific rules and laws down pat. That’s something you might not get with an online service.


We’ve got hundreds of local real estate agents across Wisconsin for you to select from – maybe some of your friends have used our agents – ask around.


We also have a mortgage partner in Shelter Lending services in the Greater Milwaukee and Madison area. Outside of those areas, we have mortgage contacts as well and you can find them through our concierge service.

Obtaining a mortgage is a HUGE part of the home buying process.  Your agent and lender will work together towards your goal. You’ve got to work with a trusted partner – these are ours.

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