Buying Cheaper than Renting. Would you like to get started?

March 24, 2014

For those that are ready to settle down, buying makes great sense. This graphic indicates that in the top 100 major metros, buying is cheaper than renting. ¬†Think about that… and go search in your desired area. ¬†Determine what you can afford monthly, based on your personal experience with your current rent, and also talk to a lender.


When searching, you just may find a home or condo you could BUY and pay less per month for your OWN space rather than a rented apartment.


You may also just be starting your search and you’re busy, not thinking about buying a home on a daily basis. If that is the case, easily stay up to date on listings in your area and price range by signing up for a free “My First Weber account.” ¬†Here you can favorite listings, track prices, get notifications of new listings and price changes. It is a great tool to stay up on the real estate market without putting much effort into it.

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