Rate have risen a bit, but look at them historically… wow.

May 5, 2014

Mortgage rates have risen a bit lately and will potentially go higher. These increases affect the price of your monthly mortgage payment.  The higher the rate, the higher your payment.

Do not let reports of rising rates deter you from buying a home.

Just take a look at where rates have been historically and you will see how very low they currently are.  Think of all the homeowners before you who took the leap into homeownership with rates double or more than you would currently pay. They’ve been owning their home for over 20 years now. Maybe it is even paid off!


So if you are thinking of buying, please realize how good the rates really are now. And for sellers, moving up now may be the right time for you. Most likely, your current mortgage rate is higher than what you would receive on a new mortgage.


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