10 things that can kill your credit score- MSN Money

August 12, 2014

You’ll need a high score to land the best interest rates on loans and credit cards. Avoiding these common credit pitfalls can help you keep money in your pocket. See whole article here 10 things that can kill your credit score- MSN Money. And here’s a quick list of things can that hurt your credit score: 1. Only correcting errors on one of the  credit reports 2. Co-signing an auto loan with your kids 3. Ignoring library fines and parking tickets 4. Not paying income taxes on time 5. Closing credit card accounts   Anytime a collection agency gets involved, you’ve got dings on your report.  Bad credit affects your ability to refinance or qualify for a loan.  Since most homebuyers in Wisconsin need a loan to buy a home,  it will save you money to take care of your credit. To see real estate for sale in Wisconsin, please visit firstweber.com.  Each property on our website features a mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payments!   photo credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6869763479/

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