Fall to-do list for your house and yard

September 22, 2014

One of the best things you can do for your home and property is to maintain it properly. This will result in fewer larger repairs and make care easier in the long run.  Now that fall has arrived, take a look at this to-do list to prepare your yard/house for the coming winter.  You will be very glad you did when spring finally comes around again!


1. Drain the outside hose

2. Pull out spent annual flowers from flower pots/hanging baskets, stack and stow away

3. Put away patio furniture

4. Divide overgrown perrenials

5. Stay on top of leaf clean up

6. Sow grass seed on any bare spots in the lawn

7. Cut most perrenials down to a few inches off the ground

8. Check weather stripping around windows and doors

9. Check your gutters, install gutter guards if needed

10. Plant trees or shrubs.

11. Cover the Air Conditioner

12. Test smoke detectors

13. Power wash decks, walks

Doing a few of these tasks each weekend will make maintaining your home and yard an easy task.

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