Trees for the Home: Think Twice About These

March 16, 2015

Trees are beautiful and can add value to your property in most cases if well placed and maintained. They can also save you money on heating and cooling expenses, enhance your landscaping and provide privacy.  There are several trees you may want to stay away from, though.

Below are HouseLogic’s picks for trees to avoid and a brief explanation of why.  Click into the  link for more detail.

via Trees for Home: Don’t Plant These | Trees to Avoid | Trees for Yard.


1. Ginko – stinky fruit, hard to rake

2.  Chinese Tallow – invasive

3. Sweet Gum – spiky seed pods

4. Mimosa – invasive, reseeds freely

5. Honey Locust – thorns

6. Cottonwood – messy

7. Linden – a sappy mess

8. Russian Olive – invasive

9. Weeping Willow – invasive roots, messy


There’s no sense in spending money to enhance your yard or increase your curb appeal with a new tree or two and have it be a mistake or problematic like the examples above. Trees, while beautiful, are expensive and should be chosen carefully.  Thanks for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog.   If a new home in Wisconsin is in your future, please search We’re happy to share our real estate and home related expertise with you.

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