Today’s Around the Home Tips: Small space gardens, fence plantings

April 13, 2015


Small space/vertical gardening enables those with little space (or a big empty fenceline) to grow plants vertically to both save space and add interest.


This type of  “mini home improvement” can be as basic as containers of tomatoes, cucumbers and the like in pots trained up trellis’ rather than in a garden plot.  It can be using a whole bunch of hanging baskets and wall containers or be almost like a work of art, a living wall, with some special vertical gardening equipment.   You can go big or small, fancy or functional.  But it  is time to start thinking about gardening and planting around your Wisconsin yard.


Here are a variety of pictures to get you thinking.



All kinds of vegetables and flowers grow will in our Wisconsin climate. The safest time to plant is after Memorial Day, later in northern parts of Wisconsin. Starting seeds can be done indoors weeks earlier.

Gardening and planting is a popular hobby with many homeowners – one of the true joys of  owning a home is making your space beautiful.  If your space is small, we hope you enjoyed the photos.  If a bigger yard for gardening is on your list, you can search for a new Wisconsin home at

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