Go local when looking for accurate Wisconsin real estate listing information

You can find Wisconsin real estate listings easily on websites and apps these days, but how do you know if the data on those properties is accurate?  Have you ever inquired on a property that caught your attention only to find it was not available, even though you are sitting there with it up on your computer screen or phone? National websites like Trulia and Zillow get data feeds from real estate brokers such as ourselves who choose to provide extra listing exposure on such sites, but the updating of data on their sites is out of our control. There’s no way of knowing how often they run those updates and the listing data can be stale.  


Local sites are easily updated and up to date

For the most accurate listing data on homes for sale in Wisconsin, it is best to start with a local real estate website or locally produced app that has control over their own updates.  For example, firstweber.com and our free real estate apps are updated several times a day through hourly local feeds from MLS systems across Wisconsin. Changes and updates are faster and controlled locally.  The same holds true for all our agent websites. Up. To. Date.

That equals better real estate results for the person searching for real estate for sale in Wisconsin.


Search locally – with a caution

One more thing we’d like to make sure you know: firstweber.com includes thousands of properties for sale from 5 MLS systems and all participating brokers in the MLS systems. There are local websites where only that listing broker’s listings are shown for sale. You might even need to register at the site before you can see listing data That’s not the best way to find the most information or the most properties for sale. 


Please try out firstweber.com if you are in the market for Wisconsin real estate – everywhere from Rhinelander to Brookfield to Fond du Lac to Janesville, Madison, Racine and all places in between. 


Thanks for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog about where to find the most accurate data on real estate for sale in Wisconsin.


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