4 DIY projects to save money and improve your home

June 29, 2015








Home improvement projects don’t have to be large-scale to return a big value. In fact, the 2015 Cost vs. Value report points out that even something as simple and cheap as replacing a steel door returns on average 101.8 percent nationally.

Source: 5 DIY Projects That Save Money | Realtor Magazine


Here’s a brief summary of the DIY article:


• Add a deck.

We Wisconsinites love our summers! Get some handy friends together and save a ton on labor, improve your backyard and your bottom line. If it was a DIY project, the deck will have almost a 500% return on investment.


• Tile a small bathroom.

Very durable and classic,  a simple tile and simple tile pattern can be a DIY project for a return of almost 200% on investment.


• Install a brand new front door.

The first thing people see when they approach the house. Explore window patterns, styles and color to make a statement. If a DIY project, the cost of the door  is recouped by 500%.


• Replace the garage door.

Not very exciting, but very functional. Certain styles of doors can add interest as well. If you can make this a DIY project, you’ll see a return of over 150%.


When selling a home, put your best foot forward and doing so does not have to be very expensive. If you can’t do these DIY projects, maybe you have a friend who could help out. See here for more articles in Around the Home.

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