5 things NOT to do when buying a home

July 23, 2015

You’ve got an accepted offer and are waiting for closing- packing up your things, excited to move in.  Congratulations! You’ve almost made it.  That’s a key word: almost.  It’s not over until the closing occurs and you have the keys in your hands.

To make sure your mortgage application and financing remain intact until closing, don’t change your financial situation in any way.

Often credit reports are run at the start of the financing process and again at the end to make sure nothing has changed. That means:

Don’t change jobs

Don’t make a large purchase on a credit card. Hold off on buying new furniture and appliances until after you move in.

Don’t apply for a new credit card

Don’t create a new monthly payment like a car payment

Don’t accept large cash gifts without giving proper paperwork to your lender


Your finances, credit and debt were scrutinized in your mortgage application.  Make no changes.

Any changes in finances, debt or credit could undo your approval and derail your closing.  Wait until after you move in to make financial changes like this, then enjoy spending some money to make the new place your own!  See more information here and here


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