Millennial buyers: what do they want?

August 25, 2015

Millennials, generally defined as those born between the early 80s and early 2000s, are a huge group of emerging homebuyers. What type of home is appealing to them?

Walkable or urban location: Most millennials prefer urban areas or areas that are walkable enabling easy access to services and recreation.

Smaller size, less maintenance: For financial reasons, smaller can be better. They don’t want to be stretched with their expenses and are more financially conservative.  These buyers are active, on the go, with less time for maintenance of their “home base”.

Casual living: Formal living rooms and dining rooms are not as appealing as open, multi-functional spaces they desire to live their casual, social lifestyle.

Efficient, green, smart: Devices and apps have changed our lives.  Homes need to adapt to the increased technology usage with charging stations, lots of outlets, programmable and energy efficient heating, cooling and lighting systems in addition to green materials and appliances.  Read more info on smart home technologies here:

Less outdoor space: They like their light, windows and outdoor access – just maybe not as much yard work such as a large lawn to mow or gardens to tend. A patio or balcony is sufficient. Low maintenance yards and landscaping is best for millennials.

Move-in ready: The instant gratification of a move-in ready house appeals to these buyers. The more the seller has done, the better.


Understanding the home buyers of today can help make your home more attractive to them. Consider these points if you are thinking of spending some money making renovations to your home or outdoor space.  Talk to your First Weber real estate agent for additional ideas to make your home more saleable.

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