Is your Carbon Monoxide detector more than 5-7 years old? Might be time to replace it.

December 10, 2015

Did you know that most carbon monoxide detectors have a limited life span of just 5-7 years?  Check your manual or your notes to see how old your unit is.  If it is longer than 7 years, you might want to serious consider replacing it.

Why replace?

Because the detecting components lose their effectiveness and at some point may no longer detect carbon monoxide.

Newer models may have an “End of life” chirp, but most models older than 2009 do not have this feature. Be sure to look into this for the safety of your family.

First Alert recommends replacing the detector after 5 years.


How to test:

Important note: pushing the test button on the device normally only test the alarm and battery, not the sensory element, the most important part.  If your unit is old, replace it. You can also buy  a test kit from a local hardware/home store.


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Source: Consumer & Fay Engineering

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