Professional tips for cleaning your closets… Buyers look!

June 2, 2016

Now is the time of year when most Wisconsinites are thrilled to put away the sweaters & jackets and bring out the summer clothes.  Some with larger houses and larger closets may have the luxury of fitting all season clothes and accessories in their closet, but many don’t. Even if you are one of the lucky ones with plenty of room, it is a good idea to go through things, organize, clean and donate what has not been used in a while.

Here are some tips from a professional on how to tackle this seasonal task best.

Click through the slide show using the white arrows below.

A short recap:

• Sort in 4 piles: Now, Someday, Never, Seasonal
• Act quickly, before you re-do your piles
• Donate
• Store things in clear bins for easy identification
• Organize by clothing type
• Dust/clean before restocking closet
Your closet has probably never looked better!


These tips would be especially helpful for anyone getting their home ready to sell. Buyers will look in your closets and gauge the storage space. This exercise would benefit you two-fold:

1.Present your storage/closet space to buyers in the best way

2. Help you declutter before moving so you do not end up moving things you don’t use


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