Around the House with First Weber: Organize

July 7, 2016


An organized home appears more serene and more spacious. Everything has its place and is put away rather than sitting on the floors, in a pile on the counters or being stuffed in a closet. Every homeowner, especially those selling their home, should think about organizing their home because storage is often very important to home buyers, as is a home that is neat and uncluttered.

Here’s a short list of organizing tips or watch the slide show by clicking the white arrows in the frame below:

  • Label everything – makes things easy to find
  • Use baskets, all kinds of baskets
  • Utilize tension rods to make dead space available and useful
  • Plastic containers – there are so many kinds to choose from
  • Clip boards and racks can help keep paper in check

For additional tips for around the home, see here.


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