Nine Home Safety Ideas: Around the Home with First Weber

October 31, 2016


A home is a refuge where you can retreat, relax and enjoy a space that is your own. People typically feel safe at home and safety is one reason people buy homes in the first place. Here is an excellent article, excerpted below, that outlines nine tips for increasing home security without having to install an expensive security system:

Nine ways to increase safety at home

  • Install peepholes to see who is outside your door before opening it.
  • Install Security mailboxes. Once mail is dropped in, a key is needed to open it.
  • Install a small safe for valuables and bolt it to the floor.
  • Keep windows locked and think about installing wireless window and door alarms.
  • Use motion lights around home entryways – perhaps consider solar powered versions.
  • Add a second patio door lock at the floor level, or use a bar/board in the track to prevent it from being opened.
  • Take a look at your deadbolt and reinforce it.
  • Enforce your garage door if it is an inexpensive one. And don’t forget to keep that side garage door locked at night and when you are gone.
  • Buy a shredder for sensitive document disposal.

Any or all of these steps are inexpensive options to make your home a safer place, providing peace of mind whether you are at home or away.  We hope you found the tips useful. You can read the entire article at  The Family Handyman.

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