10 ways to get your kitchen ready for the holidays

December 1, 2016

The holidays are fast approaching and that may mean house parties and company.  You spend a lot of time cleaning the house before guests arrive and still, it seems everyone stays in the kitchen…  Spend a little extra time there to get it ready for holiday visitors:


Clean off the countertops

Stow the paperwork and put away some of the “everyday” items you leave out like toasters, blenders, bill bins.

Clean the microwave

It is not something everyone thinks of often and they really can get dirty fast. Do a quick clean on the inside of your microwave, a guest may open it to help you with food prep.

Prep the oven

Change the foil if you use it. Clean the cook top but do not run the actual cleaning cycle on the oven just yet.

Clear & clean the refrigerator

You’ll likely have lots of food to store so remove some of those condiments that seem to multiply by themselves. Take out the shelves and wash them clean.

Pay attention to the trash can

Now would be a good time to wash it out and spray disinfectant. Be sure to have plenty of trash bags – these fill up quick at parties.

Check out the dishwasher

Make sure to wash any prep dishes before guests arrive & start the party with an empty dishwasher.

Get the serving ware ready

You probably don’t use your large platters and fancy serving dishes often and it is time to dig them out of the closet or cupboard.  Decide which bowl or plate will be used for what so you are sure to have everything you need.  Find serving spoons for all dishes,

Safety first

If your home has been childless for years, you may have some safety hazards for young house guests to discover.  Put away breakables or move them to a higher shelf.  If possible, cover any obvious electrical outlets.

Think about guests dietary needs

Do you have friends that are vegetarians? Have allergies? Follow a gluten-free diet? Try and have a variety of food so everyone can find plenty to eat. Be sure to have plenty of nonalcoholic beverages as you stock the bar.

Plan the timing of your food prep

Some dishes can be assembled and fully cooked in advance and some recipes are last minute. Think about your menu and create your plan of attack for the party food. This will save you a lot of stress and enable you to enjoy spending time with your guests.


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