Tips for selling your home during a Wisconsin winter

December 12, 2016

Homes still sell in winter and serious buyers don’t stop looking just because it can be cold and snowy here!  There are, however, some things you can and should do around your home when it is on the market during the winter:

Lights Turn them on inside and out to make your home appear more inviting on a cold dark night. Turn them on before you leave prior to showing rather than having the agent and buyer have to find the light switch in each room.  Consider putting some spotlights in the front yard to shine on your home, too. Make it stand out on your street.

Warm treats  Make some coffee or hot chocolate & cookies to make your home memorable and welcoming.

Clear snow This can be tough to keep up with in Wisconsin because you never know when it will snow, but be sure to keep your walks clear of snow and ice and provide a convenient place to park by clearing the driveway.  You may want to consider hiring a service to help with this task.  Our Concierge Desk could help you locate a business to provide snow removal service in your area.

Seasonal pictures Put out pictures of your yard taken in spring, summer and fall so buyers don’t have to imagine how great your lawn and landscaping are when they are buried under a blanket of snow.

Winter wear Hats, scarves, gloves, boots and for many households, snowpants…. Winter wear can clog up your entryway and should be stowed to make a great first impression.  Add a rug to the entryway to keep winter mess from being tracked around your home.

Heat it up  Showcase your home’s warmth potential by turning on the gas fireplace.  If you have a woodburning fireplace, set the stage for a future fire by stacking wood inside it. Turn up the thermostat a few degrees to make your home comfortable to those coming in the from the cold. Add throws to several chairs or the sofa with a book on top. Cozy.


Little things like this can make a big difference. Please also review your price with your listing agent.  Attend open houses in your area to keep an eye on your competition or search for similar properties at For more winter homeselling tips, see this RIS media article.

Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog for some winter homeselling tips.

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