8 professional staging strategies you can implement yourself

March 6, 2017

The market is busy, that’s for sure! But that does not mean you can shirk the responsibility of preparing your home for sale.  By taking the time to clean, declutter and do some simple staging, you almost guarantee that the home will attract higher offers than if you had not.


There are professional stagers you can hire which can be very useful, especially if your home happens to be vacant. They can bring in furniture and make that empty shell into a welcoming home.  This, of course, will cost some money.  It will likely pay off, too

There are also ways you can stage your home yourself with little expense.  Read on…

Update rugs, pillows and add colorful throws

Rugs take a lot of wear and tear.  Buy a new one to add a pop of color if it works with your decor. If your decor is already coloful, go the other route and add a neutral rug.  Plush pillows and cushy throw blankets suggest comfort.


Create a spa-like bathroom 

Bathrooms are very important to buyers. Make sure baths are very clean and fresh. Keep things off the countertops, drawers and cabinets clean, mirrors clear.  Add a basket of fresh white rolled towels and a bright new shower curtain and rug.


Remove personal items 

You love looking at pictures of your family.  Buyers will just see clutter so pack them away.  Animal heads mounted on the wall? A big turn off for many buyers.  Your doll collection? Not a selling point so pack it away.


Update drapes/blinds

Lots of windows are a wonderful feature in any house.  Make sure the windows are clean, then either clean the drapes/blinds or update them. Go to a window covering store and find out what is currently a popular look.


Pay attention to the front door

This is an important feature. While you may not actually use your front door often, it is the face of your house. Paint or stain it. No spiderwebs in the doorway. No dead plant in a pot on the front step. Make sure the door looks great and works great.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors come in many sizes, shapes and styles. They can make a room look bigger and can add a splash of style to a small powder room or front hall – even a bedroom. Have some fun with these.

Fresh Paint

Dinged, dirty walls are easy to fix with a fresh coat of paint.

Go through your closets

These will be opened! It is a good idea to remove some of the clothing from your closet and make sure everything is organized neatly.  Make sure clothing is not jam packed in there. Organize shoots and boots neatly. Maybe utilize baskets to organize smaller items like belts and scarves. If you do not have any closet organizer units, now would be a great time to add one.


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