Four ways to spruce up your yard and landscape for less than $1000

March 23, 2017

Spring in Wisconsin is a wonderful thing – people come out of the woodwork and everyone is thrilled to see the world around us turn green again.  Spring is also traditionally one of the busiest home selling seasons so make sure that your outdoor space is one that will have buyers fighting over. You can do most of these projects yourself for well under $1000

1.Trees… trim or plant

Trim them or plant them. Either way, you will improve your landscape. Trees that have been around for a while may be overgrown, have lost their shape and even pose a danger if their canopy is too close to the house.  New trees should be sited very carefully and well cared for after planting. The addition of a great tree adds so much to the appeal of a home and can save on heating/cooling costs. There are some trees you want to steer clear of through, check out this post to see which.


2. Fertilize the lawn

Have the nicest lawn on the block with a little springtime effort with fertilizer. You can do this by yourself or hire a lawn service to recommend additional weed control products.  This is a toss up – some people adore puttering in the yard and wouldn’t dream of letting someone else care for it. Other are the exact opposite with no clue how to really make their lawn look better. One thing is for sure though, everyone admires a nice lawn.


3.  Stain deck/power wash concrete

These go hand in hand. You’ll need to power wash the deck before restaining.  And what a difference you’ll see in your concrete patios or walkways after powerwashing.  You can rent machines to do so, or maybe borrow from a friend. Both these jobs will make your outside space look more fresh and clean.


4. New mulch

Instant pick-me-up for the landscaping means mulch delivery time!  The fresh mulch adds color and curb appeal and keeps weeds in check as well. A few weekends with new mulch, a shovel and some muscle will make a large impact.


Don’t want to do any of these tasks yourself but still want the impact they’d make? Consider a service provider from our Concierge Service.


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