7 ways to make a small space appear larger

March 27, 2017

Have a small condo, apartment or cozy house and want to make it appear a bit bigger? Here are some tips on how to achieve a more spacious look.

  • Choose light colored paint. Matching paint on walls and ceilings make a room feel bigger.
  • Use furniture sparingly. If you have a small room, it does not mean you should furnish it with a lot of small furniture.Choose one larger focal point piece, possibly placed on a diagonal, and limiting the amount of other furniture in the room. Often, when selling a home, agents recommend removing some of the furniture in a room to make it appear larger. Many of us have lived in our homes for many years. We accumulate things and don’t notice the clutter. A buyer will upon walk-through.
  • Mirrors. A large mirror in a room reflects light and can make a room feel bigger by appearing to be an extra window.
  • Lights. Dark rooms tend to look smaller. Brighten up those corners and consider floor lamps rather than table top lamps which take up more room.
  • Declutter.  Limit the number of items displayed on walls or tabletops. As with furniture, choose a few items to be a focal point rather than clutter the space or walls with lots of little things.
  • Stripes. Consider using a striped rug or vertical striped drapes to create a feeling of height or movement.
  • Clear furniture.  Rather than bulky wood pieces, try using glass or lucite for a light touch.


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