9 ways a trellis can improve your landscape

May 25, 2017

Many people begin their outdoor planting this weekend… this year consider doing something other than the standard potted flowers or hanging baskets. Try a trellis with climbing vines/flowers.  Bonus: lots of plants good for trellis-use are perennials, you can make your own or choose from a wide variety of trellises made of different material/designs.



1. They’re great for small space – grow vertical
2. Choose a specimen plant and create a focal point
3. Dress up an undesirable view
4. Add curb appeal and vertical interest without damaging siding
5. Create a privacy screen
6. Create dimension or separations in your space
7. Break up a large expanse of fence or bare area
8. Make a “no-yard” space feel like a garden
9. Add impact to arbors, pergolas, and outbuildings


Enjoy experimenting with adding a trellis to your yard!


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