A Designer’s Top Ten Tips for increasing your home’s value

November 30, 2017

If you are going to make home improvements in preparation to sell, might as well make sure that your time and money are spent wisely.

Here are 10 tips from a designer on increasing your home’s value:

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Make your space appear larger

By selecting furniture the right scale for the room, you will make it appear larger and pleasing to the eye.  The adage “less is more” fits this scenario.

Not everything has to be updated or new

Some older homes have historical features such as stained glass that add charm. Others have original floors in good shape, little nooks and crannies in walls that add character rather than newer drywall.  Getting rid of some older features may actually hurt the home’s value.

Custom closets

Closets are a big selling factor. Spending money on adding custom closets will be a useful addition to any home and will add wow factor and value.

Spend in the kitchen

Kitchens can sell homes. If you have little money to spend on improvements, spending in the kitchen is your best bet for adding value on a tight budget.

Add storage

Seriously, can anyone have too much storage?  Looks for hidden space under stairs, incorporate shelving into bedrooms and consider a garage organization system so everything has its place.


Nothing perks up a home like a fresh coat of paint – and it is inexpensive, too.  Spend some time painting tired rooms and you won’t be sorry.

Energy efficiency

Buyers really appreciate these items. When buying new appliances or windows, spend more to get energy efficient ones and advertise this fact. Add motion detecting lighting to the outside of the house rather than having spotlights on all night long. Consider adding some smart home features like a nest thermostat.


Typically the smallest room in the home, but extremely important. This rooms needs to be fresh and clean, no leaky faucets and rusty sink!  Change the faucet, light fixture, shower curtain, paint and CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN.  Redoing a bathroom is always a good investment.

Hire an organizer

This could make a world of difference: a fresh set of eyes to organize your “stuff”. An organizer would have knowledge of special storage systems that work well in basements, garages etc.  And, they may be better than you in organizing things in general. When everything has its space, everything is tidy.  Money well spent.

Curb appeal

This is a must. It is a well known fact that some buyers just drive by a home to see if it is worth considering.  Make your home inviting from the outside: neat landscaping and yard. Nothing says neglect like an overgrown yard.  If your yard is noticeably bare of landscaping, add some.  Make sure your home’s exterior looks great – no peeling paint here!

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