Can you own for less than rent? Try a search and find out.

December 4, 2017

Is your apartment becoming less affordable as rents rise? Do you need to move to find somewhere less expensive to live? As long as you have to go through the trouble of moving, consider buying a home or condominium.  You may be surprised at what you can find that may cost less than your current rent.

Start searching here

When you find a property, be sure to scroll down and enter the downpayment info to calculate your approximately monthly payment.


• Is it less than your rent?

• Will you be staying put for several years?

• Have decent credit and good employment?

Then consider talking with a mortgage loan officer to get prequalified for a mortgage loan.

After you buy, every mortgage payment you make goes towards paying off the debt. Every rent check you make you never see a dime of again.


Anyone who has purchased a home before knows just how low the current interest rates are, and they know what a difference the interest rates make in a housing payment each month.


So, if you have found a place that would cost less per month than your rent, start your process now. Talk with a First Weber real estate agent and a loan officer and make it happen.

You may want a buyer’s agent to help you.

You may need information on a low downpayment option.

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