It’s tough out there for buyers! Follow these tips for a better chance at winning the house.

March 5, 2018

The low supply and high demand is driving prices up and driving buyers crazy.  Here are our tips for you buyers out there looking for a home in today’s tight market.



Do your research & be ready

What neighborhoods, what style, what price?  There’s not a lot of time to shop around and look at 20+ houses to see which is the one for you. They’ll most likely be sold to someone who knows what they want right now and is ready to jump right in and make an offer.


Finances: Come prepared

It’s go-time. Have your preapproval in place to add weight to your offer to purchase. If you don’t, some other buyer will.


Know your must-haves, make quick decisions & do not waver

In a market where homes are selling quickly and multiple offers are submitted, you will need to make a quick decision.  Since buying a home is a huge purchase, you still need to act wisely while acting quickly.  Make sure the home has all of your “MUST-HAVES”.  If you feel strongly you must have 1.5 baths and a 2 car garage think twice before jumping on a home that does not. You may deeply regret compromising your must-haves.  Along the same line, if this house it “IT” for you, best not to sleep on it before taking action.


Have a buyer’s agent in your corner

Contact a First Weber agent if we can help you with buyer agency in Wisconsin.  You can be represented by a professional negotiating on your behalf as a buyer agent, but only after signing a buyer agency agreement.  A buyer’s agent could be a huge help to you when you are buying a home in a tight market.


Make your best offer first

You may only get one chance at getting your offer accepted. Make your best offer. In some ultra-competitive markets, even an over asking offer price may not be accepted.  Time to move on to the next house… remember even in bidding wars, keep an eye on your must-haves so you do not have any regrets.


Be flexible

Can you offer a quick closing? A large downpayment? Maybe waive some contingencies? Can you offer a delayed closing so the seller has time to find a new place? Any number of these may make your offer more attractive to the seller.


Be knowledgeable

Use First Weber’s apps to get info on homes as you drive by them, including up-to-date statistics.  Get the iPhone/iPad app here and android here.


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