10 contributing factors to a speedy home sale

May 22, 2018

Even though the market is moving quickly these days, things usually slow down as the weather gets colder.  You should still do your best to prepare your home and present it in the best light.  Change some of the things you can, fix or de-emphasize what you can’t.

So, what factors are involved in selling a house in the fastest amount of time?

1. Price. Price your home correct from the start, don’t wait and see and just reduce the price later. Activity is highest when the listing is new. Take advantage of that by pricing aggressively.   Your agent should revisit the pricing with you on an ongoing basis.

2. Location. If your home has a great location, make sure your agent is marketing that fact to buyers. What is appealing to you about your location? Make a list of nearby attractions/conveniences and what you enjoyed about living in this location to let potential buyers know.

3. Condition. Most buyers appreciate a home that is move-in ready.  Many can’t see past the green carpeting, the 20 year old wallpaper that needs to be removed, the roof that already needs replacing.  Take care of these items before selling to appeal to the most buyers.

4. Be Competitive.  Your home is certainly not the only one buyers will look at. Many buyers look in numerous communities. Know your competition. Go to open houses to take a look inside and keep an eye on the competition’s price.

5. Curb appeal. A home that does not look good from the street gives buyers a reason to drive right by.  Take the time to care for the lawn, the landscaping, the walkways. Put some flowers out or a wreath on the door.  Make them want to come inside to see the rest of the story.

6. Lifestyle.   People buy more than the home. They buy the neighborhood and its amenities.  Is there a neighborhood park? A bike trail? Nearby shopping?  What was important to you when you bought the home?  When buyers search for homes at firstweber.com, they are presented with a map to search for “points of interest” like schools, grocery stores, child care, bank and parks.  Presenting the amenities in your neighborhood to potential buyers by listing with First Weber offers buyers the information they need to decide if your home and neighborhood are right for them.

7. Stage.  Clean, clutter-free, updated. Take the time to get ready for each showing. Make the house smell good, put out fresh towels, clean the closets – they’re going to be opened.

8. Marketing.  Make sure your agent uses a variety of marketing tactics to attract buyers. Since much exposure is online, make sure your agent has an effective online marketing program such as First Weber’s Front Runner multi-media marketing.

9. A good agent.  A knowledgeable agent who keeps you informed can be your most valuable asset in a home sale.  An experienced agent knows how to negotiate and guide you through home inspections, contracts, addendums, counteroffers, appraisals and more.  The process of getting to closing is more difficult than it has been in recent years.  Rely on a professional.

10.  Qualified buyers! An active market like now has buyers competing for homes.  This is a major factor in selling a home quickly but is not really within your control. What IS in your control is having a good agent to counsel you on which is the best offer for you.


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