In a market like this, getting an accepted offer is the easy part.

May 29, 2018

In a market like this, getting an accepted offer is the easy part. SO much happens after that acceptance that a good listing agent will manage.

We are in a real estate market where it seems that the day a property comes on the market there are numerous showings, multiple offers and, often, accepted contracts for amounts over the list price. This is a classic seller’s market and in markets like this, you’d think the process of selling a home would be pretty easy. Actually, the easy part is often getting the accepted offer! From that moment forward, the listing agent’s knowledge of the market, their involvement in the process and their ability to communicate to multiple parties will be critical to getting that accepted offer to a successful closing. This is when the agent shows their worth.

Good listing agents are the center hub, connecting all the dots in the transaction

Good real estate listing agents bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the transaction that helps in getting through the myriad of details that stand between accepted offer and the actual closing of the sale. Listing agents are the hub of a wheel, with the spokes of that wheel leading to all of the other parties to the transaction: the seller and buyer, perhaps another Realtor, the lender, the home inspector, the appraiser, the title company and maybe an attorney or two. All of these “players” have a role in getting to the closing and there is usually a deadline associated with each. The listing agent is the one who balances the dates and deadlines to keep everything on track. The agent needs to know how everything is progressing and is usually the one who provides the communication link to all of the others involved.

Good listing agents keep on top of due dates/deadlines

Today’s real estate contracts provide buyers with several options for contingencies to include in their offers. Contingencies found in most offers involve financing, inspections, appraisals and title concerns. Dates and deadlines become increasingly important and missing one could put the entire contract at risk. In most cases, these contingencies require the listing agent to schedule inspections or appraisals and follow up with all the parties to make sure that the resulting information is exchanged in a timely manner.

Good listing agents overcome any unforeseen obstacles

While the listing agent is required to treat all parties to a real estate transaction fairly, their primary responsibility is to their client-the seller. When issues come up that could adversely affect the seller, the listing agent’s responsibility is to review the issues with their client, discuss solutions that will keep the sale on track and know when it is in the best interest of their client to bring in the expertise of the seller’s attorney. Again, the agent’s knowledge of service providers and market conditions is critical to keeping everything together and moving toward the closing.

A good listing agent often assumes the role of “move-coordinator”

Finally, as the closing approaches, the listing agent often assumes the role of move coordinator. Keeping dates and deadlines in mind, the listing agent helps to co-ordinate the move out by the seller with the move-in by the buyer. This can be a very stressful time for both seller and buyer. The ability of an experienced listing agent to check on details like utility transfers, key exchanges and making sure the only things left behind are the items included in the sale helps keep the stress to a minimum and serves to make the transaction a success.

A good listing agent is well worth their commission

So, there is so much more to listing and selling a house than just putting a sign in the front yard. While we are in a classic seller’s market that is producing accepted offers at a very fast pace, it is what happens after that offer is accepted that truly measures the worth of the real estate agent that you choose to represent you in the sale. At First Weber, we have learned the value of going that extra step in providing superior service. Our agents have the experience, the knowledge, the technology and the training to provide our clients with a positive selling experience-from the moment the sign goes in the ground to the day the sale closes.

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Article written by Racine office manager, John Crimmings

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