Garage Cleaning Tips

June 4, 2019

Tired of looking at the mounds of items piling up in your garage or the cobwebs that span across your walls and ceiling? It’s time to be proactive and clean your garage!

#1 – Remove Everything

Before you even think about beginning to clean your garage you need to move everything out. Taking all of your items out of your garage and temporarily placing them in your yard or driveway makes it easier to clean. This will also make it easier to reorganize your garage once you’ve cleaned it.

#2 – Get Rid of Unwanted/Unused Items

Your garage is a dumping ground. If you don’t know where to put something it is often tossed into your garage even if that’s not the best place for it. That leads to hoarding a large amount of stuff that you likely never use. Now that all of your items are spread out in your lawn or driveway, you can go through and decide what items you want to get rid of. Whether you donate, sell or simply throw away items, it will make organizing easier and will also put your mind at ease knowing you’ve gotten rid of unneeded items.

#3 – Clean from Top to Bottom

Garages get dirty. It happens and it is unavoidable. Now is the perfect time to clean everything starting with your ceiling and working your way to cleaning the floor. You’ll want to vacuum any spider webs, dust and dirt that has accumulated. Your shelves and cabinets certainly could use a good wipe down. Also, your floors need to be swept and potentially mopped.

#4 – Organize

It’s time to organize! You don’t want your garage to look cluttered like it did before you cleaned so you will want to organize accordingly. Make good use of your shelving and group items together so they are easy to find. If needed, you may want to install more storage or organizing units such as hooks, a peg board or cabinets. Now is the best time to set up additional storage.

#5 – Relax!

You’re done! Now is the easy part. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the rest of your day with a clear mind knowing that your garage is no longer messy, dirty and unorganized.


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