Advantages of Selling During the Winter

December 2, 2019

When the weather is cold and snowy, people tend to stay indoors, curled up next to their fireplace to keep warm. So, why would they want to go out into the frigid weather to shop for a new home when they can wait for temperatures to heat up to start a home search? Though, you may think your home is a lot less likely to sell in the winter, here are some of the advantages you have to get your home sold.

Less Competition

People tend to have that perception that their homes won’t sell in the winter, so they are less likely to list. They might think that the weather will deter potential buyers or that the busy holiday season won’t allow people to fit a showing into their schedule. This bodes well for you if you are brave enough to list your home during the colder months. The less competition for you, the better!

Attentive Agents

Since there are less homes on the market, your real estate agent is more likely to have less listings than normal. This means they have more time to devote to the listings they do have, such as yours!

The Internet

Not many people enjoy going out in the cold weather. However, you don’t necessarily need to when you are shopping around for a home. The internet gives us almost everything we are looking for at our fingertips. Buyers can search online websites such as to find the home they are looking for. Of course, they will want to take a look at the home in-person before making any decisions, but they can do most of the searching on their mobile devices.

More Serious Buyers

During the winter months, home buyers tend to be more motivated to make a home purchase. When the weather is warmer, you tend to have more people who are window shopping rather than actually considering a home purchase. If a buyer has to trudge through freezing conditions and interrupt their busy holiday schedule to take a look at a place to move to, they must be pretty serious!

Time Off

Sure, the holiday season generally has people running around hectically, but that’s not always the case. A lot of people have more time off during the holidays, especially if their vacation time doesn’t carry over into the new year. This gives people much more time to browse the internet to try and find their dream home!

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