Quick & Easy Home Projects You Can Do This Weekend

April 3, 2020

Looking for ways to be productive this weekend? Look no further. There are plenty of things around the house you can easily check off of a to-do list. Cleaning and organizing your home is a good way to restore some order in your house. A lot of the things on this list are tasks we tend to put off unless we set aside some time to take care of them. Here are a few tasks you can tackle this weekend.

Clean & Organize Your Pantry

Your pantry can get out of control pretty quickly if you aren’t careful. Use storage containers and labels to organize bulk items like flour, sugar, rice, etc. Also don’t open a new box of something until you are completely done with the one you’ve been using. That’s an easy way to avoid having three boxes of the same cereal piled in your pantry at the same time. Once you have an organizational pattern set in your pantry, it’ll be easier maintaining a clean pantry going forward!

Clean & Clear Your Fridge

Just like our pantries, our refrigerators can get a little bit neglected at times. Take time to toss the old, spoiled food from your fridge and wipe down the shelves to make sure it’s clean. The last thing you want when you open your fridge is a nasty smell coming out of it!

Purge Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet is always something we can work on. Most of us have clothes in our closets that we haven’t worn in years! It’s time to part with those items, which will clear up space for clothes that you do wear!

Fix the Squeaky Doors

Squeaky doors can be pretty annoying. It’s usually one of those things we tend to put off because it does need to be fixed but it would be really nice if it was. It doesn’t take very long either! Simply remove the hinge pins, wipe them clean, put a little grease on them and you’re done!

 Organize Drawers

The drawers in our house, whether they be for silverware, food containers, miscellaneous items, etc., could always use some tidying up. Clearing out and organizing your drawers will not only make more space, getting them organized will help you find things you’re looking for much easier! Besides, it’s a pain when you are trying to find the matching lid for food containers because your drawers are so unorganized. Do yourself a favor and clean them up!

The Little Things

There are a lot of little things around our house that could use our attention but are easy to forget about. Take a little time this weekend to take care of those tasks. Clean your toothbrush holder, dust ceiling fan, disinfect your remotes and light switches.

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