How to Enjoy Your Yard Without Bugs

June 18, 2020

The best part about summer weather is that we get to enjoy life outdoors. From going on a run outside to relaxing in your backyard, there are endless ways to take in the nice weather. That is until mosquitos and other insects decide to bug you. Luckily, there are plenty of options to deter them from disrupting your day! Here are a few ways to keep the bugs off.

Bug Repellent

This is normally the first thing that comes to mind. There are plenty of brands you can find at most stores that you can spray yourself with to keep the bugs off. Bug spray bought from a store can sometimes contain elements that are not environmentally friendly. If you would rather use an environmentally friendly option, there are plenty of DIY bug repellent methods online.

Maintain Your Yard

Not only does frequently mowing your lawn keep your yard looking great, but it also prevents insects from finding a home on the outside of yours. Some insects such as ticks like to hang out in tall grass. Keep the bugs out and have a tidy yard with regular maintenance!

Use Fans

When it’s a bit windy outside do you notice that certain bugs don’t seem to bother you as much? Insects like mosquitoes or gnats are not the strongest fliers. Incorporating fans outside can help blow them away. Place a fan or two by the area you plan on sitting or if you have an overhang or gazebo in your backyard consider buying a ceiling fan.

Eliminate Standing Water

After we get a lot of rain there tend to be a lot more bugs around. Certain bugs use standing water to lay eggs which can create a lot of unwanted insects around the outside of your home and they will eventually make their way into your house as well. A few common places for standing water could be clogged gutters or pots for plants that don’t have drainage areas. Make sure you identify these areas and get rid of any standing water you find to prevent any new bugs from hatching.

Screen Porch

A nice way to enjoy outdoor weather without the nuisance of insects is relaxing on your screened-in porch. If you find that bugs are still getting in, check to see if there are any holes in any of your screens. Don’t have a screened-in porch but would love to have a home with one? Check out to find a home that not only has a screened-in porch but all of the other features you could want in your dream home!

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