Working with a home repair contractor – the right way

August 16, 2007

Have a vision!

Start with clear expectations for the project. Be certain you have a “vision” of the finished work prior to meeting with any contractor. Take at least 30 minutes and create a list (write it down) of important criteria that needs to be met for a successfully completed project. Even if the work is to be a minor repair or service be sure to know the desired outcome before you seek a contractor .

Know Who You Are Working With!

Ask for references and insurance proof

Talk to the contractor about his experience specific to the type of work he will be doing for you. Years in the business aren’t necessarily the best gauge of ability; however the length of time specializing in your type of project can be an advantage.

Finally the decision will boil down to personality and trust. The contractor needs to be in tune with your needs and be conscious of your lifestyle. Now is the time to address any special aspects of this relationship. Set work hours; establish parking spaces, and designate bathroom and lunch break guidelines. Consider limiting jobsite access by using a lockbox.

Trust is also a major factor in the decision as the contractor will be in your home for an extended period of time. Trust your gut instincts! If you are not comfortable now – will you be later?

Also fair game for discussion is the project schedule. When will the contractor start work and when will it be done? Often contractors attempt to "juggle" several projects at once, and some are skillfull in doing this. However, it is best if you can be assured the contractor is focused on your project to avoid falling behind in the work schedule or from mis-assigning fnunds which could cause severe financial burdern.

Happy Homeowning!

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