Milwaukee, Wisconsin ranks with the big boys for fun!

December 19, 2007

Did you know Milwaukee, Wisconsin ranks as number 14 in a survey about America’s Fun Cities?  That’s an honor.  You know, you get used to what is in your own backyard. Think of Summerfest for example.  The largest music festival around.  Yet, so many of us take it for granted and complain about the prices and the crowds. So we don’t go. Others drive for hours to attend.  While Summerfest was not specifically mentioned, you know it must have played a role.

Milwaukee ranked overal as number 14.

In the category of Shopping, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ranked 40 (Boston was number 1, Pittsburg number 2.)

In the category of Food and Drink, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ranked 10! We do have great restaurants and drink – and well, we have more than our share of pubs and bars. (New York City was number 1, San Francisco is number 2)

In the category of Culture, Milwaukee, Wisconsin again ranked high at number 14.  I am not aware of any other city that has all the ethnic festivals we do. (New York number 1, San Francisco number 2)

As for popular entertainment, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ranked 43. (Los Angeles was number 1, New York City, number 2)

Gambling… Of course, Las Vagas was number 1.  New Orleans was number 2.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin came in at 32 which is a little surprising.  Buffalo (29), Portland (17), Baltimore (15), Pittsburg (21 and Miami (19) all ranked higher for gambling.

Next category is Low Impact sports such as golf, bowling alleys etc.  Milwaukee ranked 14 beating out Los Angeles (31), San Francisco (28), Las Vegas (48) and Denver (45)..  Boston was number 1.

In High Impact sports which includes skiing and fitness centers, Milwaukee again ranked high at 10 beating Denver (25) and Portland (12). Boston was number 1.

Not bad, Milwaukee Wisconsin!

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