Survey provides insight into agents, buyers

February 19, 2008

We sent out a survey to all First Weber Group SE Wisconsin real estate agents at the end of the year and asked them many questions …because they are our customers too. We asked about advertising, products they like and dislike and what they feel they needed to do their business better.  Most comments were positive. A few weren’t, but that is to be expected in a company of this size.  We welcomed the input.

More than 300 agents responded.  A few interesting points gleaned from the survey are:

Over 80% of responding First Weber Group agents thought focusing on online advertising/marketing was the way to go.  We agree wholeheartedly and are moving in that direction.

Also, where agents thought their open house attendees came from was interesting:

43.5% said they came from a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ad

25% said they came from a local newspaper ad

81.5% said their open house attendees came from a open house

63.6% said their buyers came to their open via open house signage around the property.

While these figures are for Southeastern Wisconsin, I would venture the answers would be similar throughout Wisconsin.

Do you attend open houses?  If so, where do you find the information?

What would you like to see in terms of new real estate marketing tools?

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