which 2 Wisconsin cities made the Top 100 places to “Live & Launch” list?

April 1, 2008

CnnMoney.com and Fortune Small Business have rated the top 100 places in the country to "Live and Launch" a business.  Two cities in Wisconsin made the list and they are………………………

#46 Madison, Wisconsin

#71 Brookfield, Wisconsin

Not bad!  More businesses equal higher tax base and potentialy lower property taxes.  And being on lists like these, of which there are many variations, adds the the attractiveness of our Wisconsin Communities.

As posted a while back on this blog, Milwaukee was listed as a top place to live by AARP if you are over 50 and Middleton, Wisconsin was voted #1 place to live by Money Magazine in July of 2007.

Every state has it’s share of bad news in the national press, which includes Wisconsin, so it is kind of nice to get a pat on the back everyonce in a while!

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