Thoughts on building a home in Wisconsin

December 3, 2008

A recent article here at states that home buyers are looking for flexible space in a home, rather than just larger rooms creating larger homes. For example, one builder said they are seeing a demand for smaller master bedrooms, but with an attached area to the master that could be used in a number of ways – flexible.  Would you agree?

As far as other thoughts on building – agent Dick Malsch from our Sun Prairie, Wisconsin office shares some of his opinions and thoughts about building a home:

"It is interesting how it can take years for homeowners to figure out what they should have done in home construction.  For instance, when I built, I specified that the water lines to the shower to be ¾” pipe and the water line to the toilet to be 3/8”.  I hate the sudden change in water temperature when someone flushes the toilet.


Then there is the electrical outlet by the front door.  It is always on the wrong side of the door, and I had to put an extension cord across the front of the door, creating a tripping hazard.  I had the builder put an outlet on both sides of the door.  Now, it makes no difference which side my Christmas Lights are on and speaking of electrical, have the largest panel in terms of spaces for outlets installed.  It gives an expansion potential.


What about those lights on the eve’s troughs?  I had switched outlets put in the fascia under the roof edge for lighting.  I still have to climb up there to put them up, but, I can turn the on or off from inside the house.


People thought I was crazy when I stopped at the new construction every other day to take digital pictures during construction.  But, the electrician “lost” a box.  It seems that the dry waller covered it.  My pictures located it behind the dry wall.


I had 2” plastic pipe under my driveway to give me a “chase” for wire or water lines.  When I had “Invisible Fence” installed, the installer did not have to cut the driveway or force the wire into a fracture line, he could run it under the driveway.  I also had 2” plastic pipe run from the attic to the basement.  Ever want to do some electrical work, and have no place to get power from?  I solved that problem for the future.


Our Family Room backs up to our Master Bedroom.  If I knew then what I know now, I would have had the common wall be a double insulated wall.  If one spouse goes to bed early, the other has to have the TV turned down low, sometimes so low, that it can not be heard.


Installing the audio system through out the house was one of the best moves we made.  When commercials come on, I can head to another room to do something else and wait for the show to come back on.  Too bad, I did not have the basement done also."

Thanks, Dick.

Do YOU have any wisdom about home building to share"

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