A look at Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin

photo from milwaukeedowntown.com

MilwaukeeDowntown.com is a great website to visit if you live, work or are considering moving to downtown Milwaukee.  There’s always a lot going on downtown – check out the  2009 Summer calendar for downtown Milwaukee here.  The calendar lists everything from Downtown Milwaukee Employee Appreciation Week  (with The World’s Largest Coffee Break, Volleyball challenges and giveaways) to concerts to special dining.  Pictures and QuickTime videos are also available- suggest you take a look if downtown Milwaukee is of interest to you.

I would imagine people new to Milwaukee find our downtown to be a really attractive, vibrant place – without overwhelming traffic of larger cities.  If you need aditional information about moving to Milwaukee, send a comment on the blog or talk to First Weber’s Relocation Department. If you live downtown, what’s your favorite part of that experience? 

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