A distinguished winner in Wisconsin… Ron Zahrt

It feels good to share good news about First Weber people who make a mark for themselves by doing more than expected. Sometimes that is real estate related, sometimes not. Some people try to make a difference and stop for one reason or another, and some people keep going because it is part of who they are.

This is not a press release – it is about a person. A person who happens to be with First Weber Group and who was recently recognized for Distinguished Service to the Wisconsin REALTORS Association at the 2009 WRA Annual Convention.

His name is Ron Zahrt. (The one front and center wearing orange in the picture) Ron has been in real estate for 29 years +.  He is President and owner/partner with First Weber Group Northern Wisconsin LLC, and sells/manages in the Wausau area. He’s got a litany of credentials, which I will list press release style, after injecting my opinion Ron is that the kind of guy you would like to have as your neighbor.

OK, here’s the list of some of what Ron Zahrt has done to get this award: serving as Past President of the Central Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service, multiple terms on the Board of Directors of the Central Wisconsin Board of REALTORS and positions on numerous WRA committees.  He is a member of the Wausau Early Bird Rotary Club and Employers in Support of the Guard and Reserves; he has been a United Way Volunteer of the Year in Marathon County, Wisconsin; and Ron is also a cancer survivor who represents Congressional District 7 in the American Cancer Society’s Action Council.

There are a few points, I guess.  One, congratulations to Ron. Two, real estate is sold by people, to people and is really all about connecting to people through actions, which Ron does. And three, First Weber Group is happy to have him on our team, making us a better company.

Three Cheers for Ron!

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