What home improvements will recoup the most value?

February 16, 2010

Your First Weber agent has probably already told you the best way to improve a home’s appearance is to paint, de-clutter, stage the home and add curb appeal outside.  Those tips are inexpensive and very important steps to creating a home welcoming to potential buyers.  (You did them, right?) Sometimes you will want to go a little further and improve your home by remodeling.  Will that money be well-spent?  Will that $5,000 or $20,000n increase your home’s value by that much, too?  The 2009 Remodeling Costs versus Value report states that some of the smallest exterior remodels are the most profitable at resales.  Good news!   Eight of the top ten projects in terms of recouping costs were exterior projects costing less than $14,000.     Doors, siding, decks all recouped about 80% of their cost. Other improvements that did well were some vinyl windows and foam backed vinyl siding replacements. The number one improvement was a steel door replacement which brought 128% of costs.  What is more welcoming and also indictative of your home than your front door?  This is one thing on the to do list at my house.   The least profitable remodels in terms of resale were home offices and sunrooms.   There was a lot of information here, but one more point made by the RIS media article that inspired this post is that REALTORS have a good handle on what improvements will make a difference and are hot with buyers.  Ask a First Weber REALTOR for some advice on home improvments if your goal is to turn around and sell.   We’re here to help you sell or buy real estate in Wisconsin! Thanks for reading.

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