Top 4 questions Home Buyers have about the tax credit

March 30, 2010

The National Association of Home Builders website,, has gotten more than 8 million visits lately as people try to understand how to take advantage of the housing tax credits.

The top four questions are:

1. How does a home buyer claim the tax credit?

2. Does the buyer have to sell their current home to qualify for the repeat buyer credit?

3. Do married couples have to both meet eligibility, even if they file separately?

4. Do all home purchases need to be completed by April 30, 2010, to be eiligible for the credit?

First Weber Group is not a tax advisor and we direct you here to see the full article here at RISMedia for detailed answers.   We can tell you for certain the answer to number 4 is NO, however a binding contract must be in place by then.  First Weber Group recommends talking with your tax advisor for complete details.

Attend an open house on April 10-11 to get going on a Wisconsin home purchase which will qualify for the tax credit.  We will have thousands of open houses on next week and hope you visit.

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