An agent gives back

August 12, 2010
I’ll never forget my first day at First Weber, feeling insecure and getting my desk assignment next to a beautiful dark haired girl. As I looked at the photos on her desk I realized we had a common bond with dogs. I want to share with you the story behind the dog pictures and the story behind the agent.  It speaks to the makeup of the agents within our company, how they do simple and important things in the communities we serve.
I am so privileged to know Theresa Van Dyke, a fellow agent in First Weber’s Metro South Office. What she does in her spare time deserves to be recognized.
Her darling daughter Gabby is a survivor of Leukemia….a  4 year battle with many hours spent in critical care. What a parent feels when a child is seriously ill  I can’t imagine. Teri spent many stressful moments on the floors of our Children’s Hospital here in Milwaukee and asked herself what she could give back. Her calling was to train and certify a therapy dog to comfort the Staff at Children’s and the parents and kids who visit those halls in desperation every day.
She shared a very personal story with me tonight, and I asked permission to share it with all of you…A child was taken off life support recently and Teri came with her dog at the family’s request.
Savanna , a mixed breed, has the most amazing soulful eyes.  She let all of the family pet her and she  finally landed on this child’s bed and waited patiently. Teri and her therapy dog gave this family comfort, gave the staff comfort….gave one remarkable child comfort.  We have way bigger life battles than just simply real estate transactions….I’m thankful that I work with the best people on the planet, that go the extra mile…and really care.
 Article written by Dawn Olander, First Weber Group Metro South Office

I have lived in Greendale for the last 16 years, having left Southern California for a more affordable and family friendly environment. I’ll never forget the wonderful surprises that welcomed me to Greendale, the friendly waves and the genuine interest. I have forged lifetime friendships and can’t think of a better place to hang my hat.

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