How well do you know Milwaukee?

No matter how much or how little you know about Milwaukee, we hope you’ll learn something new here with a Milwaukee Trivia series from First Weber’s North Shore Office, written by Dana Witkowski. Today’s question has a sports slant.

Who was the only person to coach both the Marquette University football team AND the Green Bay Packers?

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Answer: Lisle “Liz” Blackbourn

In 1954, Lisle “Liz” Blackbourn was signed on as the Green Bay Packer head coach making him the league’s 3rd head coach after a forced mid-season resignation from Gene Ronzani.   Blackbourn’s coaching history in Green Bay was uneventful – managing only a 17-31-0 record. By 1957, he resigned from the Packers after a disappointing 3-9-0 season but stayed on as a scout drafting future hall of famers such as Bart Starr, Paul Hornung and Ray Nitschke, although those credits are disputed. Lisle Blackbourn was inducted into the Wisconsin Hall of Fame in 1978 and passed away in his hometown of Lancaster, WI in 1983.

In 1959, Blackbourn returned back to Marquette University to coach the last two football seasons ever, ranking him third in total wins and 12th in winning percentage.

Congratulations to The Closers for this week’s win !!

Dana Witkowski, First Weber North Shore


Pittsburgh Post Gazette 1954


The Marquette University campus is in the heart of Milwaukee on Wisconsin Avenue and contributes some great architecture to the Milwaukee area.


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