How do real estate agents help buyers in today’s market?

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With so many outer influences in today’s market, leading buyers in every direction but straight,  Realtors need to step up and lead the way through the home buying process more than ever before.  Educating buyers and keeping them involved from start to finish is key to a successful real estate closing in today’s market. 

One way Realtors do this is through buyer counseling:  Mapping out the process and letting buyers know where they stand every step of the way.  It is easy for a Realtor to know when a buyer is informed and when they are not.  And transactions are a lot easier for all involved when buyers are informed.  Home buyers: If you have questions, and surely you will, please feel free to ask away at any step of the buying process! That’s what we are here for.

Another way Realtors work to help buyers in today’s market is by informing buyers of the actual cost of the transaction.  This means appraisals, home inspections, insurance, and closing costs.  We can’t necessarily provide an exact amount, but buyers should be aware of these things and look into them so they are prepared. 

Finally, part of a Realtor’s job is to make buyers aware of the benefits of buying a home now.  With the market in the state that it is now, there are several tax benefits and programs available that make homes more affordable now than before.  

These are just a few components First Weber Group Realtors use to help buyers in today’s market.  By helping buyers, we are helping sellers and our fellow Realtors.  The only way we can make this a better market is by helping each other and working together.

Provided by Ron Kelly, First Weber Group North Shore Office

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