Quad Graphics plans to add 1300 jobs in Wisconsin – First Weber Group exclusive Relocation broker

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This is just good news all around. Quad Graphics, the second largest printer in North America, plans to add up to 1300 jobs in Wisconsin. (Quad Graphics is headquartered in Sussex, WI and has 5 additional plants throughout Wisconsin.)

More jobs, more home buyers! What could be better than that? To have the opportunity to WORK WITH those potential home buyers coming into Wisconsin! First Weber Group’s Relocation Division has long worked with Quad Graphics in a relocation capacity and will be the exclusive real estate broker to provide Wisconsin real estate services for the new employees and job candidates. 

Nothing like adding jobs and bringing in potential home buyers to give the Wisconsin economy a boost.

Welcome to Wisconsin, Quad transferees!  We’re ready to show you around and help you with your Wisconsin real estate needs.  Congratulations to First Weber’s Relocation Department on this long term relationship with Quad Graphics.

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Photo credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlaarena/3188989238/

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