5 ways to improve your Wisconsin home’s curb appeal in winter

Front Door Christmas Lights

It’s cold and gray and dark comes early in Wisconsin as we head into winter.  So if you are selling Wisconsin property at this time of year, how can you boost curb appeal?

It may not be as easy as it is in spring and summer, but there are small steps to take to add warm and welcoming curb appeal to help make that first good impression.

1. Jazz up your front porch or stoop with greenery trimmed from pines placed in planters or baskets.  And don’t forget a colorful wreath or other door decoration for the front door. 

2. Turn on the lights.  Use floodlights to light the home and leave front door light on as well as light any walkway

3. Show off warm weather amenities, even in cold times. Sweep snow or leaves off the deck or patio, uncover the grill and if you have a hot tub, (and it is staying with the property), turn it on! What a welcoming and memorable feeling that would bring to many a cold buyer.

4. Show pictures of the property and yard in spring and summer.   This is easy to do and really helps the potential buyers to see the full picture of your home. 

5. Clear the way!  As much as it may be hard to keep up on, keep the driveway, outdoor walkways and patios/decks clear of ice and snow.

We hope you found these tips helpful and that they do the trick in attracting buyers. Remember, to sell now your price must be compelling. 10,000 homes sell a day. Make yours one of them.

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photo credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/savannahchik/4144649453/

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