It’s that time of year in Wisconsin: A refresher on driving in snow

Another Curve in the Road

Remember these tips to avoid an accident when roads are slick in Wisconsin. We want you to get home safely! Every year, driving in the snow seems to take a little getting used to…

Slow down before reaching curves and turns, as most skids occur on these parts of the road.  When reaching a curve, apply power slightly and steer steadily with no abrupt changes in direction or excessive braking.

Plan ahead for lane changes by checking in your rear view mirror and your blind spots to make sure the other lane is clear.  Then, turn on your directional and swing over to the other lane in a gradual line.  Make this move with the smallest possible steering changes and with a light foot on the gas.

Watch out for ice patches or piles of wet leaves on overpasses and in shady areas.  They are especially slick.

Anticipate stops by slowing down gradually, well ahead of intersections.  Also be aware that approaches to stopping areas will be slick because of excessive starting and stopping traffic.

Increase the following distance behind the vehicle in front of you.  This will give you extra cushioning so that you can stop safely.

Use only a light foot on your gas pedal when driving in heavy snow.  Pushing your gas down hard will only cause your wheels to spin with little or no forward movement.

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