Buying Wisconsin real estate for investment purposes

January 25, 2011

Property market

Thinking of investing in Wisconsin real estate?  A duplex? A house to rent out? The Wisconsin real estate market and First Weber are ready if you are. Many people who have been considering a rental investment or second property are taking advantage of the current real estate market. Wisconsin’s home buying affordability index is 16 points higher than last December, mortgage rates are low.

Things to know and evaluate before purchasing investment property

When purchasing investment property is is important to know the Wisconsin laws regarding landlord and tenant rights.


Get the big picture

You also have to understand the big picture of the property are buying – how much rehabilitation is needed;  how will you finance the work; how long will it take to do the projects to make the property habitable; what are the fair rents in the area, etc. You also need to make sure the property will provide cash flow for you once it is ready to rent. Here’s an excellent article on that subject at investopedia:cash cow or money pit.


Work with a real estate agent who can guide you through the inventory of properties for sale and help you through the process of buying Wisconsin investment property.  You’ll be amazed at the opportunties for investment property for sale at Check it out, talk to a First Weber agent and loan officer and good luck to you!


John Eagan, First Weber Group Wautoma


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