Snow removal safety reminders for our Wisconsin winters

January 27, 2011

Noelle Clearing Snow
Snow removal can be hard on the body when you have to clear a large area with only a shovel, especially after a heavy snow.  Using a snow blower or snow plow can be the perfect way to give your back a break.  However, it is important to take the proper safety precautions to avoid unnecessary injury while clearing snow this winter.  Here are some gentle reminders:




  • Always inspect the area you will be clearing.  Look for items hidden in the snow that you would not want to hit or run over. 
  • Be aware of where you are aiming the shoot.  Rocks and ice can become dangerous missiles if picked up by the blower. 
  • Do not override automatic shutoff features. 
  • Operate the blower at a speed no faster than a walk. 
  • Turn the machine off and wait until all moving parts have stopped before attempting to fix anything. 
  • Never reach into the blower shoot with your hands for any reason, even if the machine is off.  Use a long stick to work any debris out of the shoot. 
  • Dressing properly not only keeps you warm, it also keeps you safe.  Wear boots that will give you adequate traction while walking behind your snow blower and gloves that allow you to firmly grip the controls.  Also, avoid long scarves that could become stuck in moving parts.  


Thanks for reading the First Weber Wisconsin Real Estate blog about snow removal saftey. Enjoy the Wisconsin winter and please think of First Weber when you think Wisconsin real estate.


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