Like people, houses and helping? Maybe a career in real estate is right for you.

February 15, 2011

Realtor - Real Estate Agent

Over the years, the real estate business has changed tremendously. What is essentially a "people business" has been transformed by the use of technology as 90% of consumers begin their home search on the internet. Not only must real estate agents be good with people, know the contracts and be good negotiators,  but they should embrace the technology that today’s buyers and sellers are using.  Communicate with clients and customers the way they like to be communicated with.  Be flexible.  Be available.  Answer questions.  A Realtor’s job isn’t just showing houses.  Guiding people through the home buying & selling process to help them reach their goals – that’s the core of being a Realtor and First Weber is always looking for good people.

A Flexible job, often second career

Many Realtors have said they like how each day is different and they enjoy helping others.  Often, buyers and sellers who have used First Weber for their real estate needs have decided they’d like to get into real estate sales for themselves.  Some of our top real estate agents have come from professions such as nursing and teaching, where getting along with people and being helpful come naturally. Many begin real estate as a second career and there is real opportunity to build a life-long career for those starting out young as well.  Typically Realtors are social, well connected people. Are you?

Control over your time

I consider myself very lucky to truly enjoy what I do for a living and that certainly helps me to succeed; I’ve been in real estate since 1976.  A commitment to your own success is necessary. Real estate agents are independent contractors (self employed)  and operate their own "company" within a company. As such, they are free to set their own hours and their own appointments. To be a successful agent, you will need to work some nights and weekends but you have some control of when you work. With this flexibility, you don’t need to miss an important event in your family life. Most agents have a buddy in the office that will watch their business when they vacation. This allows you to vacation when you choose. There’s a lot of flexibility with a real estate career. Sound good?

The company you choose

Just as when selecting the Wisconsin real estate broker to help you buy or sell, the company you choose to associate with is an important decision.  Training is very important and you will learn quickly the training never stops, as real estate is an ever-changing industry. You will be challenged on a daily basis. Meeting and exceeding those challenges is how you will generate your income. You will meet customers and clients that become customers and clients for the life of your career. Some will become friends for life. Though real estate is not for everyone, it can be an enjoyable as well as a financially rewarding career. If you are looking for a career that is challenging, flexible and financially rewarding, you may want to take a look at First Weber’s career website.  To sell real estate in Wisconsin you need a real estate license and First Weber can help with that. We’ll also send you a free career packet upon request.

The definition of success has nothing to do with material things. Success = Living life on your terms. Real Estate has allowed me to enjoy that success. I truly am lucky. Maybe it will be right for you, too?

Rick Lentz, General Manager, First Weber Group Menomonee Falls

Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog about a career in real estate.  We have offices all across Wisconsin so no matter if you live in Rhinelander or Racine, we’ve got a place for you  – and we’re always looking for good people



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