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February 16, 2011

Energy-Efficient Windows: Technologies for the Future

Who wouldn’t like to make their home more energy efficient? Doing so can save a lot of money over time and spending money on electricity/utilities isn’t the most exciting way to use your hard earned dollars! 

Check out this interactive tool from the Department of Energy. They call it the Energy Open House and you can select rooms to view how to make the rooms more efficient or choose by appliance and learn that way. There are some interesting facts that can add to your bottom line over time. For example, did you know that owning a dishwasher made prior to 1994 will cost you about $40 more a year to operate and wastes 10 more gallons of water per cycle compared to using an Energy Star model?

There’s a ton of information here on making your home more energy efficient. Please check out the Energy Open house and we hope you find it was time well spent.

Thanks for stopping by the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin real estate blog for information on how to make a home more efficient. A high-efficiency house is more attractive to Wisconsin home buyers, good for the environment and can save much energy and money over time.

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