If your goal is to buy low, buy now!

When do you think is a good time to buy a home – when things are going really great (euphoria stage) or when real estate may look a little depressed?  Take a look at the cycle of investments below.

chart courtesy of KCM blog

Buying at a low point is the point of maximum opportunity. That time could be now.  Interest rates have increased in the last quarter and the rise in rates has counteracted any fall in price.  By buying now, you’re buying low and we are not necessarily talking about the price of the home – Wisconsin real estate prices have been pretty steady.  For most buyers, the mortgage rate is a large factor in the COST of owning a house and those rates are low, offering thousands of dollars in savings on the cost of a home over the course of a long term loan.

Buying at a low point is the point of maximum opportunity. Look at that cycle again… when do you you want to take the step to buy a home in Wisconsin? When things are back to a seller’s market? When both home prices and interest rates have gone up?

If we can help you understand the Wisconsin home buying process or what you need to do to take the first step in buying a home, please contact First Weber or find a First Weber agent to help you.  Search for Wisconsin real estate firstweber.com to see what’s available during this point of maximum opportunity for Wisconsin real estate.

Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate blog for information on the investment cycle. If your goals is to buy low, buy now!  Thanks to the KCM blog for the inspiration and background.

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